Critter Bot Kit (8-Pack) (Ages: 6-10)
Critter Bot Kit (8-Pack) (Ages: 6-10)
Critter Bot Kit (8-Pack) (Ages: 6-10)
Critter bot: Robot panda!

Critter Bot Kit (8-Pack) (Ages: 6-10)

Barnabas Robotics
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The Critter Bot 8-Pack is perfect for any kid age 6-10 who wants to build their very first robot.  Robot builders will use their creativity and dexterity skills to build unique critters that will move on their own while learning about engineering.

This kit contains enough parts for 8 robots.  Have a robot party with friends, run a science workshop, or build a robot family!

Next Generation Science Standards:

  • K-2-ETS1 Engineering Design
  • 3-5-ETS1 Engineering Design
  • 4-PS3 Energy

Kit Contents:

  • 8 x Vibration DC Motor (Pancake Style)
  • 8 x Coincell Battery (CR2032)
  • 8 x Medicine Cups
  • 8 x Head and Body Templates
  • 8 x 3/4" Barnabas Stickers
  • 20 x Half-Sized Double-Stick Foams

S.T.E.M. Tutorial Videos: 

Instructional Booklet: