spinning fall tree with dc motor tinker kit project for kitds

Fall Tree Robot: Craft Tinker Kit For Kids (Ages 6-17)

Barnabas Robotics
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This tinker kit includes arts and crafts supplies as well as motors, wires and batteries to create a spinning carousel tree robot. 

K-2nd Version:

  • Build a tree
  • Make the robot spin

3rd-6th Grade Version:

  • Add a second battery
  • Add LED lights

7th-12th Grade Version:

  • Add a second battery
  • Add a "no-touch" sensor

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x 9g DC Motor
  • 1 x 9g DC Motor Coupling
  • 1 x AA Battery
  • 1 x AA Battery Holder (Pin to Pin)
  • 1 x Paper Plate
  • 1 x Paper Bowl
  • 1 x Paper Tube
  • 1 x Paper Tube Cover
  • 4 x Pipe Cleaners
  • 4 x Double-Stick Foams
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet
  • Various Fall themed stickers
  • LED expansion parts (3rd-6th version only)
  • No-touch expansion parts (7th-12th version only)

Notes on classroom sets:

  • Components packaged in bags of 24 units
  • Enough components for 24 students to do the project
  • Electronics-Only version does not include craft materials. 

Instruction Booklet:

Tutorial Videos: 

SCHOOL & INSTITUTIONAL ORDERS -- We accept purchase orders!  Please email order@barnabasrobotics.com for a quote & invoicing terms.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Heather Jackson
Good needs an easier on and off switch

I like the design. However I wish the battery pack had an on and off lever. Currently you have to reach up and unplug the battery pack from the motor which often knocks off decorations hanging from the pipe cleaners. I can also see the attachment pieces bending. I am a teacher and like to buy materials for multiple use. Otherwise I like the design and activity a lot and will probably try and use it in my classroom.

Wyatt L. Rosello
The project was very enjoyable

When we where making the robot, the steps explained by the teacher where very clear. When the robot was finished it worked perfectly.

Penelope Carrillo
Kid Approved

My little one loved this project!

Miya de Vera

Carousel Tree Robot: Craft Tinker Kit For Kids (Ages 5-17)

T Tennyson
Great class!

I really loved this class and robot we built. We added lights and it was really awesome to see it move.